Thursday, 9 February 2012

Happy Birthday Mum

As I write this you are in the kitchen making your own birthday cake. A recipe that you have been wanting to try for ages and not having an excuse to make it. Yesterday you made peanut bars because you thought they would be nice for your birthday tea. The day before you made a Norfolk vinegar cake because you thought it sounded interesting and the day before that you made lemon drizzle cake because it would make a nice change.

I don't know anyone else who enjoys baking as much as you. No recipe phases you in fact the opposite as it interests you instead. If it goes right it goes right, if it goes wrong - well never mind!

I have made you this blog so you can keep a record of all your recipes and share with people your story of baking - because Oli and I think it's worth sharing.

Happy Birthday Mum

Love Me & Oli x x x


  1. Peanut bars - yum
    Vinegar cake - bleugh
    Lemon drizzle - very sweet memories of my Nana

    Happy Birthday Caro! I hear congratulations are also in order.

    Lovely gesture T!

  2. How wonderful! I'm so pleased you have a blog of your own, I for one am looking forward to reading all about baking skillz and hopefully pick up a few tips (no pressure!) I made macaroons today but I'm on a diet so I can't taste them. Sniffing them has no calories thankfully.

    Happy Birthday, x

    Ps. Peanut bars sound yummy

  3. Firstly a huge BIG THANK YOU to my Darling Daughter she really is the best but I do hope that she realises that you have let yourself in for more work as you try to teach me to be a blogger!!!

    To Spare Thoughts and Lucy (both of who I have so enjoyed reading about). Thank you for your Birthday wishes and comments and once Tori (or Wellies) shows me how to post recipes etc then I shall blog about them. Peanut bars very yummy, Vinegar cake sort of bleugh, Lemon drizzle always right and the Birthday cake was not bad for the first attempt.

    It really has been a very Happy Birthday not only do I have this new baby but Norfolk Farmer (my son) and his beautiful wife Fliss have given me a Granddaughter how lucky am I to have a Granddaughter on my Birthday!!!!!

    So many many thanks to my children and the wonderful Fliss and Oli I'm one very spoilt and happy Mama and Granny!!

    Love Caro xxx

  4. Just to say my comment didn't say a big thank you to Oli so THANK YOU. You are without doubt the most brilliant best son in law in the world. You also are the best cake critic as well. You will always try anything I put before you and will always say if it is worth making again. So many many thanks for being you. xx

  5. happy belated birthday Caro! your cakes always look fantastic when Wellies has photographed them, so I cant wait to see some of the recipes! I read about vinegar cake somewhere, I think country living? so glad to know its probably not worth trying! I love baking too, but I'm no-where near as good as you, and dont have enough time to make that many a week! i'll eat vicariously through your blog :)
    ps congratulations on your first granddaughter, what a birthday present!

  6. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your new, very pretty blog! I have seen the incredible fruits of your baking labours on the lovely Wellies & Vogue and have always been extremely envious both of your baking skills and of those who get to eat your cakes! I can't wait to see your recipes and to try a few of them myself. Have a wonderful weekend, with lots of baby cuddles! Xx

  7. Happy birthday Caro :) I've been admiring your cakes over at the lovely wellies for some time now. Looking forward to seeing your recipes and gorgeous baked goods. Congrats on the beautiful new blog xx

  8. Hi Caro! And happy (belated) birthday! I look forward to discovering your wonderful recipes on your new blog. They always look so delicious. Bon appetit! :)