Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chocolate Crinkles

    Made these little beauty's the other day having seen them on one of my favourite blogs. (Oh how I love blog land it's brilliant!!!) They were on Call me cupcakes which is a beautifully written blog and her photography is stunning. I must admit the recipe picture is of course a pasted one from her blog as I couldn't be so clever.

They looked so inviting that I had to make them straight away and they were as good as they looked as Tori said a mixture between brownies, biscuits and sponge just plain yummy. Mind you I did wonder after making them wether you could take some of the flour out and put malted milk powder making it taste a little like Maltesers. Tori didn't think it would work but her hubby thought it might be worth trying what do you think?

Sorry the post's have been so few the trouble is I'm back at Weight Watchers now this can affect my baking in two ways I either bake like mad and feel very virtuous or try to avoid it as I keep wanting to eat everything. Unfortunately this time it's the latter not sure why so like everything else at the moment I am going to blame the weather!
                                                                                                                                                                                          I'm so fed up with the rain I know we need it but honestly off I go on my walk today with my darling Lewie (a Scottie and West Highland Cross) and Granddog Dave (Wellies & Oli's wonderful Dog) with not only a heavy jacket on but my scarf as well and then I had to put my gloves on. It's ridiculous it's the 15th of May for goodness sake!!! I don't mind what time of year I wear my boots as we live and work on the farm but gloves, scarves in MAY! The only little hope that I have is that back in 1976 (the year of a brilliant summer & drought for those of you too young to remember) it snowed on the 12th June at Sandringham as my hubby was chopping out sugar beet and snow being rather unusual in June he has always remembered it. We had such a wonderful summer that year we had started to go out together in the January we were young and free I was working as a Nanny before my nursing training so lots of being outside, no school, weekends off, party's and SUN!!!! Those were the day's.

Dave and Lewie the best of friends who love nothing more than fast bunny (hare's) chasing with me whistling and screaming at the top of my voice peaceful is not how to describe my walks!

Ps Thanks to mydeerfriend my bag is beautiful!


  1. Theses were YUM! the boy and I loved them and I only didn't like the idea of malt - because I don't like malt. Try it today and I'll tell you what I think!

    also cue piccie of Dave!

  2. So what did you think? The nibble I had you couldn't really taste the malt and Dada was hopeless as he just took a bite and went "yuk hate chocolate cake!" no taste. Can't wait for 11 o'clock tomorrow weigh day done coffee and crinkle time!!!

  3. I've been following Wellies and Vogue for over a year and after seeing your cakes mentioned so many times before I am so happy to see that you now have a blog of your own! I'm excited to see which creations you will share!

  4. Those look delish. And I want to squeeze those doggies.